May 25, 2022

20 Million Meals!

This afternoon, MANNA reached a major milestone: preparing our 20 millionth meal. We could not be prouder of this accomplishment and wanted to share the good news with you, the community whose support over the last 32 years made this moment possible. Our volunteers and donors have contributed so much since our inception in 1990 and we are honored to celebrate with you.


However, as this truly special meal leaves our kitchen on its journey to help nourish one of our vulnerable neighbors, I cannot help but struggle with the dramatic rise in the costs involved in fulfilling our mission. Supply chain issues have led to a 60% increase in our food and packaging costs. MANNA is now spending nearly $1.6 million more than we did at the start of the pandemic.


For example:
A case of apples is now $46, compared to $18 a year ago.
A case of oranges is $44, up from $20.
Chicken is now $5.20 per pound, more than double the $2.46 price of last year.


We believe every individual who needs our services should receive them, but if costs continue to rise, MANNA may be forced to reinstate a waiting list, something we have avoided for years.


I hope you will join us in celebrating our 20 millionth meal with a gift today. Without your support in this most crucial time, our services may be interrupted, preventing the next million meals from reaching those that need them most.


May you and yours have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.


Sue Daugherty, RDN LDN
Chief Executive Officer, MANNA