MANNA’s Current Employment Opportunities

Why work at MANNA?

“MANNA is clearly dedicated to supporting its community, and that same dedication and support is reflected toward their employees. I’m so grateful to be a part of a team that is positive and always in your corner with a shared commitment for individual and company success.”

“I love MANNA’s mission and the sense of community among the volunteers and staff!”

“MANNA is a great place to work. The kitchen always feels alive with the workers and volunteers. It feels good to know that what we’re doing is helping people in need.”

“It’s important to enjoy coming to work and working for an organization that values its employees. I care deeply about the mission and truly believe that my work here matters.”

“I’ve worked at MANNA for many years. It’s a good place to work. Even though I am more behind the scenes, I still feel like my job is important.”

“Being able to work for an organization that improves the health of people with serious illnesses with nutritious meals is wonderful. MANNA cares about their clients and employees. Working here brings me happiness in knowing that clients are healing because of the food we provide.”