MANNA is revolutionizing healthcare with nutrition interventions, harnessing the power of Food is Medicine.

We are a leader in evidence-based nutrition services.

We advance research in the field of food is medicine.

We bring together dietitians, chefs, drivers, and thousands of volunteers to cook and deliver medically tailored meals at no cost to clients who are battling illnesses.

We empower clients with nutrition education to improve their health and quality of life.

The MANNA Model

The MANNA Model combines the healing power of therapeutic meals with personalized nutrition education, improving our clients’ health and increasing the quality and stability of their lives. Our work has real value – not only for each life that we touch, but also for a healthcare system struggling to keep up with the competing demands of complex patient health needs and rising healthcare costs. As the prevalence of diet-affected disease continues to rise across the country, innovative health interventions that can meet the unique social, non-clinical needs of high risk populations grow in demand. The evidence-based MANNA Model prevents adverse health outcomes and costly healthcare utilization among our clients, all of whom face at least one severe illness.

The MANNA Model Works

MANNA’s unique model, consisting of 21 medically tailored meals per week coupled with nutrition counseling provided by a registered dietitian, is an effective health intervention grounded in the latest nutrition science. MANNA embarked on an extensive research project aimed at quantifying our impact on client healthcare outcomes and costs, and the results were astounding – MANNA clients experienced reduced hospital visits, shorter lengths of stay, and increased likelihood of being released to their homes rather than a long term care facility. As a result, healthcare costs dropped dramatically. Learn more about this groundbreaking study on our Research page.