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Our meal program is a temporary service. Qualification for service and the amount of time that each client receives MANNA meals is based on individual needs and is determined by our Nutrition & Client Services Department.

MANNA cooks and delivers nutritious meals to neighbors in the Greater Philadelphia area who are battling a serious illness.

MANNA clients must currently be battling or in care for a serious illness and, due to that illness, are at acute nutritional risk. Some nutrition indicators include:

  • Recent unintentional weight loss
  • Recent, extended hospitalization
  • Start of new medical treatment (ex. chemotherapy, radiation, or hemodialysis)
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Wound care

There are two easy ways to apply for MANNA’s meal and nutrition counseling services:

  • A medical professional (doctor, dietitian, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, case manager, etc.) can complete a MANNA Referral Form and fax it to our Nutrition & Client Services department at (215) 496-9102.
  • You can also refer yourself by calling (215) 496-2662 x5. Our Nutrition & Client Services team will assist you and coordinate with your healthcare provider to complete the required referral form.

MANNA Referral Form

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If you are looking for Emergency Food Resources in response to COVID-19, please note that the City of Philadelphia is offering neighborhood pickup of free, nutritious food. More information on the City of Philadelphia food program is available *HERE*. 

Check out our *COVID-19 Resource Guide* for additional Emergency Food Resources. Por Espanol: Una Colección de Recursos para COVID-19