What are the eligibility criteria for the MANNA meal program?

MANNA’s meal program is for individuals in the greater Philadelphia area who are suffering from serious illnesses and are at nutritional risk due to the disease or treatment for the disease.

Can anyone receive MANNA nutrition counseling?

MANNA’s nutrition counseling program is available to anyone who is interests in receiving nutrition education with a chronic illness or medical condition who does not have access to a dietitian. MANNA provides all counseling free of charge. Contact MANNA’s Nutrition & Client Services department to schedule an appointment.

What areas do you serve?

MANNA delivers to the greater Philadelphia and southern New Jersey areas. To find out if you are within the delivery area, please view our interactive delivery map.

How do I apply for services?

To apply for MANNA services, please have your medical care provider complete a MANNA referral form. Once the form is complete, fax it back to MANNA’s Nutrition & Client Services department at 215-496-9102 and we will contact you. (Note: You can also refer yourself by calling (215) 496-2662 x5. Our Nutrition & Client Services team will assist you and coordinate with your healthcare provider to complete the required referral form.)

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Do you have a meal program that can accommodate my (renal/diabetic/heart healthy, etc.) nutritional needs?

MANNA has 11 different diet modifications to meet clients’ nutritional needs. A client can receive up to 3 diet modifications at once. However, MANNA meals are not vegan or vegetarian, kosher, nut-free, macrobiotic or gluten-free.

What if I do not like specific food items, can they be eliminated from my diet?

MANNA cannot eliminate specific food items provided in the meal program – though preference diets are available and we can accommodate no beef, pork, or seafood preferences. We target our nutrition towards clients’ specific dietary needs.

What if the portion sizes are too big? Too small?

MANNA has three ways to accommodate decreased appetite:

  • MANNA offers deliveries every other week
  • Small portion dinner entrees are available
  • MANNA’s supplemental program provides dinner entrees only

Unfortunately, we cannot increase our portion sizes or options to provide more food than provided in our standard diet.

Can I just have the breakfast or lunch options and not the dinner meals?

MANNA offers either the complete nutrition program which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert daily, or the supplemental program which offers just the dinner entrees each week.

What is my delivery day? What are the delivery hours?

MANNA clients receive meal delivery once each week on the same day each week. If you happen to forget your delivery day or need to make changes, contact our Distribution department at (215) 496-2662 x2. MANNA delivers between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm Tuesday through Friday.

What do I do if I cannot be home for my MANNA meal delivery?

If no one will be there to accept your meals, please call to cancel or reschedule your delivery.

  • You can reschedule by calling at least 2 days prior to your delivery day
  • Meals can be delivered to another address if it is set up 2 days prior to your delivery day
  • Rescheduled deliveries do not count as missed deliveries
I am not sure how to follow the diet that was recommended by my doctor, is there someone who can help me?

Yes – our dietitians are available to help with any question or concerns that you may have. Call (215) 496-2662 x5.

Do you supply nutritional supplements?

MANNA does not supply or offer nutritional supplements.