The MANNA Model

MANNA’s meals are wholesome, healthy, and delicious. Individualized home-delivered meal plans, consisting of 21 meals per week tailored to each client’s medical needs, help nourish our clients through the debilitating effects of their illness.

MANNA offers both individual and group nutrition counseling that is designed to educate and empower our clients and others to make the best food choices. All MANNA registered dietitians are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and are members of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

MANNA serves people who are at acute nutritional risk due to serious illness. We believe that food is medicine, and that nutrition will play a key role in their recovery.

Some examples of serious illness experienced by current MANNA clients include: cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, renal failure, and diabetes. This is not an exhaustive list of diseases that may qualify a potential client, nor do these diseases automatically qualify an individual for MANNA services.

MANNA’s eligibility requirements are purely based in medical and nutritional indicators, we have no age or income restrictions. We also serve dependent children under the age of 18 who have a parent receiving MANNA meals as well as some senior dependents of our clients.

How Can MANNA Help?

Provide Meals for You or a Loved One

Provide Education and/or Nutrition Counsel