January 21, 2015

Making Realistic Health Resolutions

Each year we approach the New Year with excitement and vigor, vowing to challenge ourselves in an area where we think changes need to be made. Out with the old and in with the new!  Losing weight and eating healthier tops many people’s resolution lists. Although our intentions are good with a goal of adapting healthier habits, sticking with these goals is not always easy because we tend to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We end up making too many changes at once and deprive ourselves of the foods we love which is both unenjoyable and unsustainable.



This year, start small and make just a few realistic changes that you know you can maintain.  Below are some helpful tips from MANNA’s Registered Dietitians on becoming a healthier you.

5-A-Day Challenge

Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day! Getting the recommended servings of fruits and veggies daily helps to provide your body with the vitamins, minerals and fiber it needs to stay healthy. It is also a great way to help you to maintain or lose weight. Try to keep your fruit in a bowl on your kitchen table so that you will be more likely to eat them. Make it a point to fill half your plate at every meal with fruits or vegetables.  At least once a week, skip the meat and try a new vegetarian recipe for dinner. Keep fresh fruits or cut-up vegetables at your desk for a healthy, mid-day snack.

Avoid Empty Calories

Try to avoid empty calories which are calories from solid fats and added sugars that contain few or no nutrients.

  • Cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream and donuts
  • Sodas, energy drinks and fruit drinks
  • Pizza, cheese, sausages, fatty meats, butter and stick margarine

Get Physical

The goal is to get 30 minutes of physical activity every day. A variety of activities can count towards physical activity including: walking, dancing, gardening, hiking, swimming, household chores, games and sports. You don’t have to do the entire 30 minutes at once, you can break it up into 10 minutes intervals. Try getting off the bus stop a few blocks early and walking ten minutes to work or an appointment. At the end of the day all of your activities add up!

Keep Track

Nothing is better to keep you motivated than seeing the results of your hard work each week.  The USDA has created an easy, FREE tool called SuperTracker. SuperTracker allows you to keep track of your progress. You can look up nutrition information for over 8,000 foods, keep a log of the foods you are eating and your daily physical activity, get weight management guidance and receive support from your own virtual coach to help you achieve your health goals. Go to www.supertracker.usda.gov to personalize your experience and get a plan tailored for you!