May 4, 2017

May Nutrition Tip

National Herb Week is celebrated during the first week of May. This week reminds us that herbs and spices are an easy way to add delicious flavor to foods without adding sugars or sodium. Even better? Many herbs are easy to grow at home. All you need is a container with drainage for excess water and a window ledge that gets at least 4 hours of sunlight per day.

Herbs are an excellent choice for cooking because they create great flavors and add antioxidants and vitamins to foods. Both fresh and dried herbs can impart nutrients to homemade meals.  If you’re interested in creating your own indoor herb garden, consider starting with some of these herbs that are known for being easier to grow.

Mint: Peppermint is a great choice because it can be made into tea and added to beverages for a refreshing touch. Mint is known for growing wildly, so make sure to plant it in its own pot or its sprawling roots will steel nutrients from the soil form other plants.

Parsley: Parsley can do well with only 4 hours of full sunlight and is a staple herb in many cuisines.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass can easily be grown from a stalk you buy at the grocery store. Place it in a glass with 2 inches of water; once the herbs are two inches long, transfer to a pot with moist potting soil.

Oregano: Fresh oregano is delicious, and you can dry your home-grown oregano and chop it for the even stronger oregano taste we often associate with Italian food. Oregano needs plenty of sunlight and should be kept in potting soil that should stay moist but not soaking wet.