December 23, 2020

Volunteer Profile: Roberto Soler

Written by Kimberly Gadzekpo, MANNA Intern

Roberto Soler moved to Pennsylvania from Venezuela five years ago and works at the Attic Youth Center, a space for LGBTQ youth.  It was through his work at the center that he found out about MANNA. In the midst of COVID with a limited work schedule at the Attic, he became very involved with MANNA.

He has volunteered at MANNA for three months, coming in for every Early Bird shift Tuesday through Friday.

For Roberto, the best part about MANNA is the environment.

“There are very nice people there. It’s funny because everyone has their different behavior and background but everybody has a smile. Even with the mask you can [the smile] in their eyes.”

Roberto recalls what each day entails that makes it so special for him.

“Everybody has their own territory. During the four days there you can find a different kind of person. At MANNA everything is different [each day]. I enjoy all my days there.”

What Roberto wants to express most about MANNA is the people.

“I met these wonderful people like Micki, Kenny, Martha, Rachel, Beth, all of them are nice. I like that kind of community environment. It’s very nice. Working with Ralph, Chris, Phoebe, it’s very nice. Working with them is great. It’s my first time doing something like this and I really enjoy it! It’s not easy being in a working environment without nice people. For example, at the Attic, I feel great and now I found MANNA, [which has] a similar environment, and I’m fine! I don’t need anything else.”

The only thing Roberto would change, he jokingly explains, is the music.

 “You know something I would love to change is the music. I like pop music like Katy Perry or Rihanna, or Sia and almost every day I have to hear Elton John there… And it’s not bad but…okay!”

Roberto is a dedicated and passionate volunteer who has found his niche at MANNA. His impact and contagious energy bring so much to everyone he meets!

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