March 8, 2019

Why I Volunteer by the A-Team

The Friday morning breakfast and lunch packing group of volunteers has been working together for several years, with new members joining as recently as 2018. We were asked by MANNA to answer the question “Why I volunteer?”

Karen answered the question succinctly and for all of us when she said “My reason for volunteering at MANNA is a universal one–so that I can make a difference in the lives of others.” She also responded that she has discovered the ‘feel good feeling’ of being a part of a team, as well as the continued joy of meeting new people. Sandra feels the same way: “I volunteer to be a part of a giving community.”

Brona says that she was raised to give back to the community way before it was required or fashionable and she enjoys working at MANNA because it is a professional organization whose employees from the cleaning staff up to the top executives treat everyone with respect and courtesy. She admires and knows that without volunteers MANNA would not be able to serve the public.

Alice volunteers at MANNA because she truly believes in their mantra “Food is Medicine” and loves what MANNA does. She agrees with all of us that MANNA is a great organization with great volunteers. For Brona and many of us, volunteering with other like-minded folks makes her commitment part of her weekly routine. We all know that thanks to MANNA’s caring and dedication, the clients, employees and volunteers all benefit.

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