voting advocacy

MANNA’s Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Adrian Glass is working hard on an advocacy initiative to get more of our clients and volunteers voting in the general election. In an effort to get our clients registered to vote, Adrian is sending out fliers and registration forms with our drivers that explain the process and the benefits of voting. There will also be an absentee ballot application in case they are unable to make it to their polling location on Election Day (November 8). Adrian is encouraging our volunteers to vote when they enter MANNA too with the same resources. We are aiming to eliminate any potential barriers our clients or volunteers may face in exercising their right to vote!

Why should you vote? Voting is one of our most important rights as citizens. Communities that vote get more attention from office holders. Our children, and anyone under 18 years old, depend on us to represent their voices as well. Voting is easy and even if you cannot make it to your polling place, you can mail an absentee ballot instead. MANNA and our clients rely on support from the local and state government so it is essential that we make our voices heard!

If you are not already registered to vote, or if any of your information has changed, you can register online HERE if you have a PA Drivers License. The last day to register in time for the general election is October 11.