The results are in

Every year, MANNA conducts a client satisfaction survey based on the Performance Outcome Measurement Project, a validated survey tool supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The survey gives clients the opportunity to provide feedback on all aspects of the MANNA program, including food quality, delivery, packaging, nutrition education, and how they view the impact of MANNA’s services on their own health. MANNA then uses the results in our efforts to continually enhance our program. To date, we have received over 200 responses from our clients and are thrilled to share the results.

Thomas and Betty

  MANNA Client, Thomas and wife, Betty


When asked about their overall opinion of the MANNA program, 99.5% of clients said they were satisfied, with 85% reporting that they were “very satisfied.” MANNA meals met high standards, with 98.6% of clients expressing that MANNA provides quality food each week. Additionally, almost 96% of clients believe our services helped them to eat healthier foods, achieve or maintain a healthy weight, improve their health, and continue to live at home. Nearly 85% of clients said that MANNA services helped them to decrease their hospitalization rate, supporting our Food is Medicine philosophy. Finally, clients shared that MANNA helped them to better understand nutrition, with more than 95% saying they are better prepared to make healthy eating choices on their own, a true indication of the lasting educational effects of the program.